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To obtain all the information needed to become familiar with General training and academic IELTS, in order to accomplish with the four skills of the IELTS exam: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking


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The content of the course is ALWAYS focused on IELTS content. Despite it is not an English course, general topics will be covered throughout the test.

Paul Cifuentes

BA in English philology and philosophy masters candidate, Universidad Nacional de Colombia; 12 years of experience as a professor of language sciences, philosophy and communication and as a counsellor for educational projects.

El Humanista newspaper director, Engativá municipality in Bogotá, Colombia; pedagogic leader of Virtual SENA (Bogotá) for 6 years; pedagogic innovation leader for the Science, Technology and Innovation Office at CUN University for 1 year; professor, trainer and translator of legal texts for several law firms (e.g.Muñoz Abogados Iuris Mark, MPA Lawyers) and offices of the Judicial Branch (e.g. justice Alberto Rojas, Constitutional Court); expert witness in judicial cases related to linguistic issues such as plagiarism an person identification.

Professor Cifuentes currently works for the following institutions: Universidad Nacional de Colombia, in classes such as legal text writing (Linguistics Department), oral and written argumentation (Linguistics Department), and academic text reading and writing (Department of Statistics), theoretical linguistics (Linguistics Department); it’s the academic and scientific director of Lingua Franca and serves as a member of the International Forensic Linguistics Association (IFLA).

Contact information:

Cellphone: 312 379 7916


Alberto Caballero

He is graduated on Bachelor of languages, major in English from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, and has more than 10 years of experience training students for different international tests like TOEIC-IELTS-TOEFL-APTIS-GRE-GMAT using a pedagogic strategy which provides excellent results. Currently, he is the director and cofounder of Strategy Test prep, a company located in Medellín specialized in training and preparation for international exams with extensive experience and recognition by professionals and university students.


Contact information:

Cellphone: 3002271112